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The early bird


Picture: Perry Point, sunrise over Seneca Lake © Fien Leysen

In our heads it is only 11:00 AM, Belgian time. But in Willard, it's 05:00 AM.

We get up early to film the sunrise over Seneca Lake.

We don't say much, quietly curse the early hour. As soon as the camera is positioned, the shot chosen, positions taken, we can only hear the water and a lonely bird.

Quiet on set.

Not only because the camera is about to record, but because it is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Two hours later, we're on the road again. Stop for coffee on the way. Secretly think the day can't get any better. And we've got it on camera.

A playlist blasts the song "You can't always get what you want" through the car radio speakers. No one says it's not true. But the three of us, we're thinking it. Just for a second.

What's next?

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