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Picture: Airbnb, Yellow House, Trumansburg. © Fien Leysen

We land at JFK Airport, New York, on Saturday, October 13th 2018.

Our clock adjust automatically and jump back 6 hours. And we jump into our rental car.

Start the journey, a six hour drive minimum.

It's just the two of us. Geert, our cameraman, can't join us yet.

On this first research trip, we want to look at the story that Tom found here earlier.

The place and the people that inspired him. Curious if we can both see the same.

While we drive over Washington Bridge, headed to Trumansburg, where our new home base will be, we go over the plans. Tom talks about what he saw here last time, and every now and then we are distracted by the beautiful scenes surrounding us. The streets and images seem strangely familiar.

Picture: Washington Bridge © Fien Leysen

After the long drive, we arrive, a little after midnight, in Trumansburg at the airbnb of Lesley Adams and David Newman. A priest and a doctor. A religious woman and an atheist man. They're asleep when we get there, and we let ourselves in using the code at the front door. A note welcomes us; we're free to take something to drink or eat from the fridge, as long as we turn out the lights when we head to bed, and don't let the cat escape from the kitchen.

It takes approximately three seconds for us to feel completely at home.

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